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What our students say about working at

The Plaza at Livingston Campus

During my internship, I have expanded my skill set tremendously. Working independently has allowed me to learn how to design, manage, and organize many different projects. Additionally, my work involved engaging with the student body, which was very fulfilling as a senior. I have been able to visibly see the difference and impact my work is making for students and others.

Ashley P., Class of 2022

Marketing Intern, Rutgers Institutional Planning and Operations

kite+key has helped me develop communication and teamwork skills while working in a positive environment.

Raj L., Class of 2024

Specialist, kite+key, Rutgers Tech Store

My time as an employee at kite+ key has provided me with learning new and invaluable skills on the job and seeing what a chill and positive work environment is like. I am grateful for my time here, the best job on campus!

Kristen M., Class of 2022

Student Manager, kite+key, Rutgers Tech Store

I’ve worked at kite+key since my sophomore year and overall it’s been a great experience – from the great people, the flexible hours, and everything else, I’d highly recommend it.

Folarin D., Class of 2022

Specialist, kite+key, Rutgers Tech Store

“My time as an employee has provided me with better people skills that I will be able to utilize in my career going forward.”

Alex M., Class of 2023

Crew, Rutgers Cinema

“My time at Rutgers Cinema has provided me with a fun and lively environment in which I am able to pick up on new skills, such as learning how to work with people and more, along with making new friends!”

Panthi P., Class of 2022

Crew, Rutgers Cinema

“Rutgers Cinema is a great environment to meet different kinds of people, and has provided me with a foundation of great teamwork and interpersonal skills.”

Adrian D., Class of 2023

Student Manager, Rutgers Cinema

Rutgers Cinema helped me improve my social skills and I was able to gain many new skills that I will be able to incorporate in my future.

Jordan G., Class of 2025

Crew, Rutgers Cinema